Why Sky-way Transportation would be real in next 5–8 years

Why Sky-way Transportation would be real in next 5–8 years
August 31, 2018
by admin

In a few years, we will be in a world where there will be #Skyways like #roadways:

  1. #DroneTaxi would be flying on a People Skyway
  2. ‘Application’ #Drones like e-commerce, individually owned #drones would be on the Application Skyway


  • The Government would be able to monitor all #Drones on the radar.
  • Any Drone crossing the boundaries of Skyway ( eg: its latitude and longitude boundaries) would be taken down ( #security enforcement drones causing forced landing) after giving 1–2 warnings to an owner of #drone on an online system web + mobile

Traveling for People and Applications would be Sky-way based instead of Physical roadway based.

Advantages of Sky-way transportation :

  1. Faster
  2. Cheaper ( as no construction cost involved )
  3. Fewer traffic possibilities as expansion ( increasing a sky-way ) do not involve any construction cost



1) The skyway transportation carries a risk of the transportation object falling down. This risk can be taken care of by having these sky-ways not above residential or roadway transportation.

The current actual state of affairs:

> Drone taxis are ready and flying, Application drones are ready and flying…

Do you think this is going to be our actual future in the next 5–8 years?

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