What are Drones and why is being a Drone Pilot a lucrative career option today?

What are Drones and why is being a Drone Pilot a lucrative career option today?
October 29, 2018
by admin

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  (UAV)or Drones are aircraft which can be operated and controlled from the ground from a remote pilot station. So, a drone is basically a flying robot which can be navigated through software-controlled flight plans in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS.

In recent times, drone technology has gained a great deal of popularity and not without a good reason. The uses of drones have been identified in multiple fields – agriculture, mining, media, infrastructure, surveillance, mapping, and industries too. For example, a drone can be used in agriculture in the actual planting of the crops via seed dispersal and also monitoring the fields (surveillance) to ascertain the growth and health of the crops. In disaster-affected areas, a drone can help in dropping medical aid, food and other essentials for the relief of the people affected by the natural calamity. We will talk more about the uses of drones in subsequent blogs.

The drone technology being so versatile in its uses and an incessant increase in its demand has also given aspiring individuals a chance at a high flying career of piloting the drones. Individuals can be trained for both commercial and industrial piloting. *Starting salaries of drone pilots range from anywhere between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 40,000 a month, while experienced drone pilots can draw about Rs. 5 lac a month.* Another high point in building a career in drone piloting is that anyone irrespective of gender and age can train to become a drone pilot.

With the kind of popularity and momentum that the drone industry is pacing at, the future looks promising and rewarding for both companies and aspiring drone pilots for sure!

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