Drones : The New Way of tackling India’s Urban Planning Issue

Drones : The New Way of tackling India’s Urban Planning Issue
December 29, 2018
by admin

Today with increasing urbanization, cities are facing extraordinary changes. Without proper infrastructure, we face disadvantageous problems of congestion, pollution and more. So, to upraise the condition of urbanization, developers are experimenting with integrating UAS technology to improve things like energy efficiency, project progress monitoring, sewage design, utility establishment and detect illegal constructions, encroachments etc..

Urban development requires intense planning. Traditional methods and techniques commonly used in the process emphasize data collection, analysis, and tedious field work. The greatest challenges these industry professionals face is collecting decent on-site information and data. And as climate change and sustainability gradually empower cities to make decisions with limited resources, the need for data-driven decision-making will become ever more essential. This is where planners are finding the potential of UAS technology to transform the planning and design industry.

Drones are the need of the hour, and DroniTech wants to use this technology to help Maharashtra’s government by providing support to the urban development department. We monitor projects using drones to get a better understanding of project execution by doing timely inspections. We provide a real-time, and high-resolution imagery of remote areas without threat to human life or the environment in very less time. The rapidly evolving UAV technology provides potential uses in many aspects of urban planning & development.