Importance of aerial photography services for digital india

Importance of aerial photography services for digital india
June 7, 2019
by admin

Aerial photography is the art of taking photographs from an aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles or any other flying object. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are admirable and India is now growing itself as “Digital India”, and a considerable number of multinational companies wants to be a whale of this business ocean. Drones can serve Real Estate, Construction, Surveying, mining, industrial inspection, Advertising with their various capabilities which inevitably extend their business boundaries.

Drone services are used in the construction sector nowadays for site planning and management. In the natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes floods drones have been positioned to assess or survey the damage, locate injured and stranded victims, and deliver aid.

India holds second worldwide ranking in agriculture farm output, and usage of drone camera and sensor technology in agriculture helps farmers to automate redundant processes, maximize efficiency and gather data to analyze and monitor the crops condition and growth status. To manage and maintain any infrastructure drone system can be deployed in order to capture the aerial view of the infrastructure more closely without any need of harness or cranes.

As digital India is in demand, Dronitech has taken a step forward by offering the above Aerial Photography Service in India at cost-effective prices. We have a team of highly professional staff equipped with high-tech equipment are ready to go anywhere. They are always proactive and professionals in their field and are highly responsible. Dronitech is taking any clients requirements on a serious note, and completing those tasks in a given period of time.

We offer our drone aerial services to a variety of clients from land mapping and turbine inspections to roof inspections and thermographic surveys. Dronitech also delivers oil & gas aerial inspection services for visual and thermal inspections for hard-to-reach and dangerous sites like oil refineries to detect corrosion, leaks and other areas.

Dronitech specializes in aerial filming and aerial photography services in Mumbai, India. From special events to commercial development, our skilled pilots and creative photographers/cinematographers can capture the perfect shot. We offer our services to both local as well as international companies, private clients and businesses across the globe. Whether you’re monitoring a large event or even an individual, our drones can provide your team with the overview they need to maintain control. Our monitoring systems provide a number of benefits to users focused on public safety and civil security.

Dronitech serves the best drone services across different cities in India.

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